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Attend the BPTrends Associates Professional Certificate courses BPTA 101 and 102 in 2016 to improve your professional skills and network with like-minded BPM practitioners.

This program benefits business analysts, process practitioners, managers, and anyone involved in organizational performance improvement. Participants learn a holistic, well-proven methodology for the analysis, improvement, and innovation of end-to-end business processes. The courses are a mixture of theory presentation and discussion, and extensive case study group work to ensure that students leave well able to apply the methodology immediately in real world situations.

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  Why attend this BPM training?

This course benefits Business Process Management (BPM) Professionals as they learn to work on end to end processes, across functional silos and not limiting the approach to a single functional view. In addition, attendees will also understand how to:

   ·   improve customer focused processes 
   ·   advance a process centric approach
   ·   break down and work across functional silos in business
   ·   increase IT project outcomes
   ·  enhance performance management in organisations

The internationally recognised training certificate is endorsed by the International Association of Business Analysis (IIBA). It provides a total of 40 PDs (Professional Development points) for the certificate (Provider code EEP 228-2).

  Top 5 reasons why you should attend this training course:  

1. Be a BPTrends BPM Professional
As a certified Business Process Management (BPM) Professional you will learn how to improve your customer service, streamline processes, increase IT project outcomes and enhance performance management. If you want to be prepared for e-government, e-services and e-business transactions, this training course is a must for you.

2. Networking and Collaborating
The Business Process Management Certificate Training Program provides multiple opportunities for you to network and engage with other BPM professionals in sessions, over lunch, and during networking breaks.
3. Talk with the Experts
By attending this training program, you will have the opportunity to learn the BPTrends BPM Framework and the Process Redesign Methodology. The course provides an overview and discussion of the principles, concepts and techniques required to transform your business from a traditional, functional organisation to a process-driven organisation. Your instructor will introduce a systematic approach and methodology for planning, monitoring, measuring and managing your organisation’s business process performance and for redesigning and improving specific processes.

4. Get Realistic Solutions to Your Real-world Problems
The program provides instruction and practical training in gathering information from individuals and groups. The Modelling, Analysis and Design course (BPTA 102) is based on the use of information gathering worksheets and diagrams. In this course we consider how analysts gather the information needed to populate those worksheets and diagrams. The course stresses the basics of planning for information gathering, conducting interviews with individuals, and conducting group facilitation sessions.

5. Process Efficiency and Effectiveness are More Important Than Ever
This course provides an introduction to the skills and techniques required to analyse and design new processes or to redesign and improve existing processes. The program presents the techniques and tools for analysing, modelling and designing processes used by experts to improve performance. You will learn to scope specific processes using graphical models to document results. Furthermore you will learn how to define measurement techniques for evaluating outcomes and how to model As-Is and To-Be process workflows.


Course Details

Certification:  Certificate awarded on completion of completion of BPTA 101 & 102 courses

 BPTA 101 (1 day)
Principles of Business Process Management

BPTA 102* (4 days)
Introduction to Business Process Modelling Analysis & Design (*BPTA 101 prerequisite)

Prerequisites: None

Duration: 5 days


Provider Code:  E48469-001, E48469-002, 


BPTA 101 - $750 ($825 incl.GST)
BPTA 102 - $2850 ($3185 incl.GST)
BPTA 101, 102 (2Course Bundle) 
$3000 ($3300 incl.GST) *
*17 % discount on single purchase

Course Dates

Mid 2017

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BPTrends Associates BPM Professional Certificate Program is endorsed by the International Association of Business Analysis (IIBA®).

BPTrends Associates Certification Program

40 points in total
BPTA 101 - 8 points
BPTA 102 - 32 points

Provider Codes
BPTA 101 - E48469-001
BPTA 102 - E48469-002