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Gain the skills necessary to plan and design enterprise-level business process architectures, performance measurement and process governance systems and work in a BPM center of excellence. All you need is to complete 40 hours of coursework (2 course, 5 days) to earn your Business Process Management Business Architecture Certificate.


  BPTA 101 - Principles of Business Process Management

This course is the foundation for all courses in the BPTrends Associates certification program. It introduces the BPTrends BPM Pyramid and the Process Redesign Methodology. The course provides an overview and discussion of the principles, concepts and techniques required to transform your business from a traditional, functional organisation to a process-centric organisation.

The course introduces a systematic approach and methodology for planning, monitoring, measuring and managing your company’s business process performance and for redesigning and improving specific processes.

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  BPTA 303 - Business Architecture: A Process Centric Approach 

This course introduces the principles, methodologies and tools required to manage the processes and report the relationships in a process-centric organization. It is focused on the development of a business process architecture particularly on defining business models, value chains, strategies, process competencies and process performance measures and aligning them with the organization’s goals and available resources.

To develop an architecture and a performance measurement system, the course relies on the use of business process frameworks and benchmarks. Likewise, this course is focused on defining performance measures and aligning them to organization strategies and to specific value chains and processes. The alignment of performance measures relies on the use of balanced scorecard approach adopted for process work.

This course also covers process governance issues and how to establish performance measures for process managers. Also, the course explains how to align processes with support processes and resources to create a comprehensive enterprise architecture.  Finally, the course presents how an organization can establish a BPM Center of Excellence that manages process work at the enterprise level, monitors processes and prioritizes process change efforts.

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Who Should Attend

This seminar is designed for managers of organizations who seek to move beyond departmental process improvement initiatives and establish an enterprise-wide understanding of process and an enterprise-wide approach to process management and measurement.

This BPM course is a must for business and IT strategists, managers, architects, analysts and designers involved in process-managed organizations, process-based change and automation of process solutions. Process stewards/owners, program managers, change agents and organizational design professionals will all benefit from the content and interaction.

What You Will Achieve

  • An understanding of the value and uses of a business process architecture
  • Ability to understand the relationship between business model, strategy, stakeholder concerns and how they align to a business process architecture
  • Knowledge on the techniques needed to analyze, architect, and model a business process architecture
  • Knowledge on the techniques for maintaining a sustainable process architecture
  • Ability to understand how business process architecture can be used to organize and align all of the support resources used in the organization.  (For example: How a Business Process Architecture can anchor and organize an IT Enterprise Architecture)
  • Knowledge on how to organize a process performance system
  • Knowledge on how to organize a process governance system
  • Knowledge on how to align your process management approach with other management structures
  • Knowledge on how to evaluate the performance of process managers and to align their goals with organizational goals and with other managers’ goals
  • Ability to understand the role of performance contracts in structuring a process-oriented organization
  • An understanding of the tasks and processes that a BPM Center of Excellence should undertake

 What You Will Learn

  • How to organize and document the relationships between organization strategy, value chains and key business processes or competencies
  • How to develop a  model of all of the business processes in an organization
  • How to analyze and design a process performance system
  • How to organize a process governance system
  • How to evaluate performance managers
  • How to organize a BPM Center of Excellence
  • How to organize, prioritize and manage a portfolio of business process change projects from within the BPM Center of Excellence


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Course Details

Certification:  Certificate awarded on completion of completion of BPTA 201, 202 courses

BPTA 101 (1 day)
Principles of Business Process Management

BPTA 303 (4days)
Business Architecture: A Process Centric Approach

Prerequisites: BPTA 101

Duration: 5 days




$3000* ($3300 incl.GST)  for the 5 day 101 and 303 Course (29th Aug to 2nd September)
$2650* ($2915 incl.GST) for the 4 day 303 Course (30th Aug to 2nd September) if already completed 101 course previously (please note on registration)


Course Dates

Brisbane - May/June 2017




BPTrends Associates BPM Professional Certificate Program is endorsed by the International Association of Business Analysis (IIBA®).

BPTrends Associates Certification Program

40 points in total
BPTA 201 - 24 points
BPTA 202- 16 points

Provider Codes
BPTA 201 -  E48469-005
BPTA 202 -  E48469-006