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What is Integration Platform?

Integration is now much more than just an ESB. That’s why we call it integration platform instead of just integration software. Once upon a time we installed an ESB on bare metal in our own datacentre. Now we have the option of deploying multiple instances of a lightweight ESB in Docker containers in the cloud, some of which might be ephemeral.

The cloud has meant a wholesale change to how we design and deploy an integration platform. Provisioning of an instance, or an entire environment, that once would have taken weeks can now be done in minutes with a few clicks of the mouse.

Incorporates landscape of DevOps, Microservices, CI-CD, APIs

Leonardo has brought together knowledge of integration, DevOps, CI/CD, containers, and cloud providers like AWS, Google, and Azure to design thoroughly modern, scalable, resilient, and secure integration platforms that can address every imaginable use case.

Leonardo designs, builds, and deploys an integration platform to align with your integration blueprint. Within the same stack we can provide ESB, BPM, API, B2B, and microservice capabilities. We can then hand it over to you, or provide it you as a managed service.

An scalable, resilient, automated platform

Combining Red Hat OpenShift’s support for Docker with Jenkins, Red Hat JBoss Fuse, JBoss BPM Suite, node.js, and automated testing tools like Citrus enables us to design and build an integration platform that was scarcely imaginable just five years ago.

With automated testing, automated deployment, load balancing, and auto-scaling, a Leonardo integration platform ensures high performance, high availability, and high security, all with high levels of automation.

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