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Integration Platform

More than just the ESB


Incorporates landscape of DevOps, Microservices, CI-CD, APIs

Leonardo has brought together knowledge of integration, DevOps, CI/CD, containers, and cloud providers like AWS, Google, and Azure to design thoroughly modern, scalable, resilient, and secure integration platforms that can address every imaginable use case.

Leonardo designs, builds, and deploys an integration platform to align with your integration blueprint. Within the same stack we can provide ESB, BPM, API, B2B, and microservice capabilities. We can then hand it over to you, or provide it you as a managed service.



An scalable, resilient, automated platform

Combining Red Hat OpenShift’s support for Docker with Jenkins, Red Hat JBoss Fuse, JBoss BPM Suite, node.js, and automated testing tools like Citrus enables us to design and build an integration platform that was scarcely imaginable just five years ago.

With automated testing, automated deployment, load balancing, and auto-scaling, a Leonardo integration platform ensures high performance, high availability, and high security, all with high levels of automation.

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Discovery Workshop

At Leonardo, we prefer to demonstrate the value we can create in partnership with our clients rather than submitting one-size-fits-all proposal documents. Working with organisations hand-in-glove, we add value by addressing business context and capability gaps, as well as providing a practical path forward to meet your  objectives.
Our Discovery Workshop is a roundtable session discussing the connection between BPM, Automation and Integration that illustrates our thinking, approach and supporting technologies. The objective is to create value for stakeholders in the session through provocative discussion that provides the opportunity to explore answers to longstanding organisational challenges and address the inevitable change taking place in your business. 
Leonardo can then make recommendations for your next steps in your BPM / Automation / Integration Journey.

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